Katelyn Davis, Nurse Injector

With over ten years of experience in the medical field, Katelyn Davis, DNP, RN, founded Northern Lights Aesthetics in 2016.  After Katelyn’s first exposure to the aesthetics industry in 2016, she immediately began to see holes in the client relationship side of this line of work.  Katelyn considered the fact that aesthetics might not be right for her, but also struggled with an overwhelming need to change the narrative.  Katelyn decided to continue with pursuit of her doctorate in nursing and vowed to be the difference she craved to see in the world of aesthetics. Thus, Northern Lights Aesthetics was revived in 2021.

Katelyn has a passion for her clients and for providing the Chippewa Valley and surrounding areas with the most natural, refreshed aesthetic results possible. We can’t wait to see you!

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